wallowing in sadness self pity

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  1. Excellent post. It is so vital to acknowledge our emotions. You are right we are not always happy. There are moments we are sad… etc. But paying attention to how we feel and knowing how to express ourselves helps us to stay healthy. Thank you for sharing this important post.

    Pastor Natalie

  2. Thanks so much for such a validating post! It’s all a matter of balance. I mean, dialectical behavior therapy, which I used to do, taught me the ACCEPTS skill set, which basically revolves around distracting yourself. However, it also taught me that emotions have value and that pushing them away doesn’t help. Your post sheds some important light on that last bit. Wallowing is okay and even necessary, but like you say, ruminating can be dysfunctional.

    1. That’s amazing you gained that insight from dialectical behavior therapy! I am a lot more knowledgeable on CBT, but am vaguely familiar with DBT too. It is absolutely about striking the proper balance of acknowledging and feeling out your emotions, but also not letting them reach the point of dysfunction by ruminating on them.

  3. I agree 100%! I learned a long time ago the benefits of letting myself wallow. It’s better to feel all the feels so I can pick myself up after. I’ve also recently started Journaling again and that is so helpful in dealing with my emotions.

  4. The reality of finding your inner peace is to except and express your feelings no matter the hardship, etc. One example is when you hear a parent say to their child “don’t cry” or “you’re bigger than that, we don’t cry” is disaterous. We can and have to express feelings not to the point we wallow in it with no end point, but it teaches us emotional intelligence to weather the storms through life.