expressing your feelings on social media

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  1. I love this! I remember being scared of expressing on how I felt about something, but I remember just doing it and it was amazing to hear other people’s story and how other people can relate too!

  2. I currently have a quote or thought of the week that I post on my social media and blog. Its a way of me expressing myself and I love it. Its great to express myself and get to meet people who feel the same way as me.

  3. I find it interesting that expressing emotions on social media helped regulate them. It does make sense because I have always journaled from a young age to express my emotions and for general self-expression.

    1. Yes! I feel like journaling and expressing your feelings in a social media post give off a similar release and both help to make sense of your emotions.

  4. My husband shares his blog ( about his mental health on his social media. He has had some lovely support from it. But like in real life, not everyone knows how to respond.
    He has addressed this in his latest post.

    1. That’s a good point. I think given the nature of social media and written responses, it can be easier to respond in a supportive way because we have more time to think about and craft a supportive response before clicking “submit”. I think it catches people off guard when it’s a face-to-face verbal response situation.

  5. This is so good in so many ways. First, I’d like to say. Therapy needs to be normalized. If you are alive, you have trauma. (Even birth is trauma!) Therapy is a luxury. <3

    I posted on Instagram (on my business account) about a struggle I had using reels and how I felt overwhelmed. I had such a huge outpouring of support from people I didn't even know.

    Sharing struggles elicits compassion. It's so good to show as a human we are never perfect.

    1. You’re so right on that! Never thought about birth being trauma, but I imagine if we were able to remember being born, it would be vividly traumatic and confusing! It may affect us in ways we just aren’t consciously aware of now. Absolutely, sharing struggles encourages compassion. I’m glad you shared your struggles!

  6. Great post! I think social media is a great outlet to ‘vent’. Doing that helps your mental health and opens the door for that conversation to be had and can be useful for others.

  7. I have noticed a lot more people opening up and being vulnerable on twitter and it’s awesome. I can see how much it helps some people, especially those feeling isolated. Generally, I also see an outpouring of supportive people responding (stangers). It is very heartwarming.

    1. That’s fantastic! It seems that several people are experiencing a supportive reaction to them opening up on social media, and it’s very reassuring.