self care for introverts

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  1. Yes too all of these! I can relate to begging my parents for online school when I was in high school & they never understood why. I think it’s so important to bring up these great self care tips for introverts because a lot of things are extrovert based, so it can be hard to find things that cater to us who are more introverted. I definitely get overstimulated easily so I make sure to limit noises / take a social media break & it’s been really helpful. I want to try the brain dump idea and see how that goes. Thanks for this!

    1. Absolutely, so many things seem to be catered to extroverts and it really leaves us introverts out! I can absolutely relate to feeling overstimulated easily as well. I admire your ability to be self-aware of your needs. I’m excited for you to give the brain dump a try!