how to start a blog 2023

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  1. This is so helpful! I have been blogging about 6 months but have learned several of these same lessons through my time! Especially the less to not listen to everyone’s advice, there is so much info out there on how to change or do things, it is overwhelming!

    1. That is FANTASTIC that at only 6 months into blogging you’re picking up on some of these lessons! And very good point to take advice with a grain of salt because there’s so much conflicting info out there. That’s why I voiced my opinion on how I don’t believe you need to be ultra “niched down” to be successful! Best of luck!

    1. So happy for you and your goal, it’s an awesome one! It’s totally okay to have inconsistent traffic at only 6 months in. I am just recently at my 1 year mark and only now is my traffic starting to “boom” a bit. Stay consistent, trust the process, and absolutely invest what you can!

  2. So glad that you decided to take a jump into the blogging world. It’s such a fun community and when you grow, you know that It was because of the handwork you put in. Great post and great tips.

  3. This post was so helpful! I’ve seen lots of how to start a blog posts out there but yours had a bunch of unique tips I haven’t seen elsewhere. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely aimed to cover what hasn’t already been spoken a thousand times before because I’ve come across several unspoken lessons!

  4. Being only 2 months in of my first time hitting publish, I really appreciate this. I particularly needed to hear #1. I have read several blogs of how people make money in their first few months and large incomes within 6 months to a year. I have taken that all to heart and have been worrying this would not be the case. So thanks!

    1. You’re very welcome! The people who claim to make money in their first few months likely didn’t start their first blog. They may have years of experience in blogging, SEO, and marketing outside of the new blog they created. Or they are just a crazy rare case! Those examples are definitely not the norm and not something to take to heart for sure. It’s quite the long and slow game, so just keep at it, keep learning, and it will come with time! I am only just now seeing significant breakthroughs after a year of this!